Consider cannabis lube

Cannabis-infused lube is a brilliant combination. For those who have different medical needs down there, people who have experienced sexual trauma and/or those simply looking to enjoy the awesome harmony of sex and cannabis, cannabis lube might be for you. Whether you have never used it or have a variety stocked in your boudoir, here are a few pointers to get you the biggest bang for your buck!

Dosing the vag 

Cannabis lube can provide topical relief which can be a huge benefit for women with medical issues. Plus, the bonus is that the walls of the vagina are a huge surface area for absorption into the bloodstream. Basically, when a condition relating to the vagina is causing the pain, applying cannabis directly can target both the central and peripheral nervous systems. The medicine can provide relief on two levels and the results can often be surprisingly effective.  

However, due to the fact that a woman has a pretty constant flow of fluid down there, it can be hard to absorb the total dose. The lesson to take from this is to reapply if you want to get high.

Lube for Door #2

When it comes to anal sex, the higher you go, the higher you get. The inferior rectal vein is located close to your sphincter. Bypassing the liver, it allows you to absorb a large amount of THC without feeling a strong psychoactive effect. However, if you go higher up the colon, THC will likely be absorbed into the superior rectal vein. From there, it will be metabolized by the liver and you can feel it. Thus, if you are using anything longer than a few inches, be aware of the dose of your lube. 

Cross section of a rectum

Coconut Oil 

Using solid or MCT Coconut oil has its pros and cons. It is a great base that most people find extremely easy to work with and it the bonus is, it won’t stain your sheets. Additionally, its moisturizing properties make coconut oil a great lubricant for women experiencing vaginal dryness, especially during menopause. 

However, there is one very important thing to remember:

Coconut oil breaks down latex and can tear a condom.

Plus, if you are prone to yeast or bacterial infections, its antibacterial and antifungal properties can upset your pH balance. If you are going to use coconut oil-based lube, do so only if you truly trust your partner.


Fun Fact: The earliest written evidence we have of the use of lube comes from 350 BC. Ancient Greeks used olive oil as lube and moisturizer for leather dildos.

Heed these words… Test it first

If there is anything that anyone should understand without question regarding cannabis lube, it is this: patch test every time on your inner thigh first. The skin of your inner thigh is very sensitive and it won’t take a lot more than the skin of your nether regions. 

How to patch test:

  • put some of the lube on the skin of your inner thigh and wait for at least 3 minutes.
  • rub the area in with the lube and apply a bit more, wait another 3 minutes
  • If the area feels sensitive, process with caution or cut the lube with plain coconut oil

Why you should seriously patch test:

  • Producers these days are putting all kinds of herbs and essential oils into their products but there is nothing sexy about peppermint oil freeze burning your crotch. 
  • What if its gone bad? If you bought one of those tingly lubes, used it months ago and have had it sitting in a dresser close to your heater, its worth a patch test. 

Cannabis lube makes sense. Everyone should be able to live their best life and if cannabis lube helps make that happen, why not try it. Just remember that location is a factor when it comes to dosing! Always read the ingredients, especially if using condoms and toys! Most importantly, use the skin of your thighs first!

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