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The Wellness Soldier Announces Retirement, A Farewell Crossword in Honor of Chef Cody

Just before 420, Chef Cody AKA The Wellness Soldier officially announced his retirement. On April 17, this statement was posted on The Wellness Soldier Facebook page, “THANK YOU to everyone that has supported me! As of today, I will be ceasing all operations as The Wellness Soldier. It has been a fun time, met some amazing people and companies.” 

A well-known Chef and cannabis activist, Chef Cody is a favourite here at CLN and within the cannabis community. Popular for good reason, Chef Cody doesn’t just make delicious edibles, he shares his recipes and techniques. From savoury to sweet, he has great ideas for healthy infusions and explains the concepts behind what you are cooking.  

Chef Cody began his career as a cook in the military but was released from service after seven years and two tours. As a civilian, he focused on his passion for cooking, got his Red Seal Certification, and found a love of cannabis. Aware of the positive impact that it has in treating PTSD, he created new cannabis edible concepts and opened up the world of infused dining. 

With a focus on healthy yet delicious foods, Chef Cody never forgot to give back to the community. The Annual Veterans Dinner was an event held to honour and celebrate Veterans; it ran for four years and was a ticketed event with a multicourse meal, free for veterans to attend. When asked why he put in the effort, Chef Cody replied that Food is morale. If there was one thing to be said about this Wellness Soldier, it would be that he is very good at boosting morale. 

Chef Cody Lindsay

Chef Cody, aka The Wellness Soldier, brought a new flare to cannabis edibles and shared his knowledge with anyone who asked. A cannabis activist through cooking, Chef Cody truly became the Wellness Soldier. 

In honour of his retirement, we created a crossword about him.

1. Chef Cody is also known as The Wellness BLANK.
2. His last name is BLANK. Hint He shares his last name with a strong indica strain grown by Liberty Farms.
3. Who said cannabis edibles couldn't be healthy? Chef Cody loved to mix up his greens in an infused BLANK.
4. Passionate about helping other BLANKS plural, Chef Cody created an annual dinner event to honor their sacrifice.
5. When using cannabis edibles, start BLANK and go slow.
6. Before cooking with cannabis, you must BLANK it. Starts with D
7. Chef Cody was a BLANK in the military. He served for seven years and completed two tours.
8. One of his most popular recipes is for cannabis infused heavy BLANK. Starts with C

On behalf of everyone here at the Cannabis Life Network, we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours.