Is Dabbing Vaping, And What’s The Difference?
Is Dabbing Vaping, And What’s The Difference?

Is Dabbing Vaping, And What’s The Difference?

You know that dabbing and vaping isn’t the same as rolling a joint, but is the way you consume the THC the same and more importantly, is the high the same?

To be clear, when we talk about dabbing in this article, we’re not talking about that hip-hop dance; we’re talking about the process of consuming high concentrations of THC. Some medical experts consider dabbing dangerous, but we’ll leave you to make your own conclusions.

If you’re new to dabbing, the first thing we should clarify is that you’re not using cannabis plants. Dabs consist of shatter, wax, budder, honeycomb or amber; all forms of butane hash oil (BHO). Manufacturers make BHO through a chemical process that uses butane oil to extract oils from the cannabis plant.

When looking at potency, BHO has THC concentration levels up to 80%, whereas traditional cannabis has 10 to 15% THC levels. The strength of BHO means that a small dab can have as much as four times more THC than a joint. In addition to packing a more potent punch, you feel the high of a dab all at once, rather than a slow build-up.

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The difference between dabbing and vaping

In addition to the potency of the THC, there are some other differences between dabbing and vaping that you should be aware of:

Heat use

One of the most significant differences between dabbing and vaping is the form of heat used to burn the cannabis concentrate:

  • Vaporizers use convective heat: the heat vaporizes the material using hot air
  • Dabbing uses conductive heat: the material is burned by applying it to a heated surface.

Convective heat is better for your health since you avoid the carbonization associated with other methods of intake.


One of the great things about vaporizers is that they’re discreet. You can buy handheld models that can easily fit in a pocket or a purse. There are also no accessories that you need to carry around with you unless you have a rechargeable vaporizer.

Dab rigs are more work to carry with you on the road. It would be best if you had a torch to light up your rig, and the rigs themselves aren’t pocket-friendly. You’re also limited to when and where you can use your dab rig since it isn’t the best outdoors during windy or rainy weather.


The components for dabbing are cheaper than vaporizers. Dab rigs consist of ceramic, titanium, or glass. The material dab rigs are made of makes upgrading or replacing parts inexpensive.

Vaporizers consist of lots of small pieces that can be exclusive to the manufacturer or brand. This exclusivity makes parts harder to find and possibly more expensive. Vaporizer technology is constantly changing and evolving, so it won’t be long before your vaporizer is obsolete.

Is vaping better than dabbing?

If you’re a purist, you may struggle with the idea of inhaling cannabis soaked with butane. If you’re looking for an authentic natural high, then dabbing is probably not for you.

For those looking to experience a fast-acting, extreme high, then dabbing is something that you’ve already tried or are currently doing.

You don’t have to choose one over the other; you can use either technique to get high depending on your mood and the resources you have available to you. Whichever one you choose, enjoy!