Licensed Producer Clinic Accuses Raided BC Dispensary of Ties to Organized Crime

A medical cannabis clinic had harsh words for dispensaries in response to a recent raid against a BC cannabis dispensary.

Posting a link to a Merritt Herald story about the Merritt Compassion Society’s raid and product seizure by police, Medical Marijuana Services Ottawa wrote on Facebook that the dispensary had ties to organized crime.

“Who know where hey are geting their product. Hell’ Angels or some other piece of shit origination,” the business wrote. “THEY WANT A QUICK BUCK. SAME AS STANDING ON CORNER SELLING YOUR BODY. GET AN EDUCATION AND DO IT PROPERLY. Probably can;t because these persons never finished high school.”

MMSPublic comments voiced disapproval of the clinic’s choice of words.

“You must be a puppet employed by health canada to operate this page in an attempt to corrupt and minipulate people into your own bullshit beliefs so that health Canada can continue to profit from the misfortune of disease and death caused by their prescription drugs,” wrote Facebook user Sean Andrew.

Medical Marijuana Services, which lists its mailing address as Laval, Quebec, is one of the country’s many cannabis clinics, intermediary businesses that opened as a result of the former Conservative government’s MMPR system that allowed medical cannabis to only be accessed through licensed producers by mail.

Clinics like Medical Marijuana Services provides patients with medical professionals who can recommend cannabis as a treatment option and then staff will help patients fill out the necessary Health Canada paperwork.

Documents obtained from licensed producers, who are unable to sell at storefronts or advertise, show that some growers share in revenue generated by these clinics that refer patients to them.

In Medical Marijuana Services’s official registration package, the clinic allows patients to choose from six different licensed producers — Aphria, Tweed and Bedrocan (both owned by Canopy Growth Corp.), Med Releaf, Mettrum or Organigram.

The clinic charges a membership fee for patients looking to access medical cannabis.

An initial consultation with a physician and membership with the clinic will cost residents of Ontario $149, other provinces $199 and Albertans $249. Minors are able to become members, with parental consent, for $249. If patients wish to change their licensed producer after becoming a member, the clinic charges an additional $100.

If members apply for a membership with Medical Marijuana Services and are not approved for medical cannabis use, they will receive 80 per cent of their membership fee.

“Medical Marijuana Services (MMS) provides access to medical grade marijuana as medicine for patients across Canada,” the clinic states on its website. “It is our job to facilitate your application so that you can start to relieve your pain in a safe and compassionate manner. MMS will introduce you to our team of compassionate Doctors from around Canada that help you to become legal today.”