Police Raid Surrey Dispensary

Weeds Glass and Gifts owner Don Briere says police officers that had been waiting outside his Surrey Da Kine Glass and Gifts location (10300-block 152nd St.) have entered the shop and are now actively raiding it.

Da Kine Glass and Gifts at 10300-block 152nd St. in Guildford.

ir_attachment_8949Briers had previously said the police had been standing outside his shop since Wednesday afternoon, awaiting a warrant to raid the shop.

“I just spoke with our lawyer and he finds it extremely odd that they have been waiting 24 hours to get a warrant,” Briere told the Vancouver Sun earlier this morning.


Briere had posted a notice on his website, directing patients away from the shop.

“RCMP have stationed uniformed officers outside of 90-10330 152nd St, a non-violent medical cannabis dispensary,” the message read. “We need your support to show taxpayers will not support the misuse of public funds to restrict patient access to cannabis, while more serious crimes could be attended to.”

On Wednesday, three people were arrested at the location, with police saying the action was the result of complaints against the dispensary.

ir_attachment_8951“We did get information that this location was possibly selling marijuana-type products,” said Surrey RCMP spokesperson Sgt. Alanna Dunlop. “We attended and based on our observations, we initiated a Controlled Drugs and Substances Act investigation. Three people have been arrested and subsequently released and our investigation is ongoing.”