Police raids continue against Toronto Dispensaries

Last night, Toronto police released details of continued raids against dispensaries in the city.

The raids and subsequent arrests in “a Controlled Drugs & Substances Act investigation” by Toronto Polcie Service took place Aug. 22 at Canna Boss (1684 Queen Street West).

Two Toronto men, Theodore Horhager and Derek Jackson, were arrested and jointly charged with possession of a schedule II substance, as well as possession of a schedule II substance for the purpose of trafficking and the possession of process of property obtained by crime.

Police have been regularly raiding dispensaries in the city following the large scale Project Claudia operation in May against 43 dispensary locations that saw 90 arrested and 186 charges laid.

Canna Boss had been previously targeted in the Project Claudia raids, reopening Jun. 3.

In response to the earlier raids, Canna Boss staff wrote that police used “heavy handed tactics” to destroy the front of their store.

“Equipment was destroyed, ipads and laptops seized, records were taken, security camera cables were cut, DVR security tapes were seized, doors and windows were smashed,” the business wrote, on Facebook. “No proper due process, no audit, no checks and balances or oversight. Just rushed-out-the-door policies and actions lack of calm responsible decision making and sober second thought.”

The two men are scheduled to appear in court Oct. 10.