SurrealEstate and Bake Sale - All-Purpose Flour - Sativa
SurrealEstate and Bake Sale - All-Purpose Flour - Sativa

SurrealEstate and Bake Sale – All-Purpose Flour – Sativa

Referred to me by my local cannabista at Alternative Greens, Bake Sale – All-Purpose Flower seemed like a great fit for the intriguingly named SurrealEstate. New to the SyFy lineup this year, we are only three episodes in, but what three episodes we’ve gotten.

SurrealEstate and Bake Sale - All-Purpose Flour - Sativa

While it is billed as a drama, when watched in the light of day, it’s hard to imagine it as such. Although I’ll readily admit at night alone, I jumped more than once! The Pilot mixes traditional Excorist inspired shots of the main character walking to the home owner’s front door, and nothing is as it seems.

Jumping into this series, I had my trusty bong ready to go and had only seen one preview. This strain, in particular, was a Sativa with a THC total of %15.40 and a CBD total of %<0.10, and while I’ll admit to usually reaching for strains with a higher THC content, these flowers certainly bake your cake. HEXO is the head of “Original Stash” and this brand, “Bake Sale.” It always feels great to support Canadian companies, and HEXO mainly works out of Ontario and Quebec.

SurrealEstate and Bake Sale - All-Purpose Flour - Sativa
SurrealEstate Poster

A weird mix, but a relaxing Sativa

Its light and euphoric high makes vegging out to SurrealEstate a blast and keeps you focused enough to follow the show without falling asleep. Not that it’s a boring show, even as someone who watches a lot of TV, I was surprised by where it went. The ending of For Sale by Owner had me sitting with my mouth agape for longer than I would care to admit. The main star, Tim Rozon, has a prime Luke Perry vibe, and his character Roman is hard to dislike. Strong when he needs to be, but with a gentle side seen in The Harvey.

SurrealEstate has a campy light-hearted side that shows it isn’t trying too hard for all of its drama and eerie glory. It’s a perfect match – just like Sarah Levy (A Canadian!) is a perfect match as the new addition to Roman’s team – Susan Ireland. Watching her patience wear thin with the difficult customer had us feeling for her and the joke when she made the sale…without giving spoilers, all I can say is “Thank you!” for normalizing anxiety.

Great-Tasting Flower

All-Purpose Flower tastes great in a bong or joint and is another stash that you absolutely need a smell-proof container. It’s poignant and has a noticeable taste when smoking which is always a great bonus. Ironically last time I revied a strain while reviewing a TV show, I commented on how fresh the buds were for being packaged a few months ago. Bake Sale’s All-Purpose Flower was packaged in May yet retained perfect moisture.

The vintage-inspired packaging is bright and cheerful, the literal exact opposite of SurrealEstate – unless we are talking about the Red House! Once again, I have to pause and giggle at the great pun that is the bag’s name, and it’s always an extra way to be memorable for cannabis companies when they go above and beyond the usual packaging.


SurrealEstates’ future is so bright they gotta wear shades

Both the show and the stash have absolutely found themselves a place in my heart. I marathoned the three episodes in a row, totally getting lost in SurrealEstates’ great storyline. The jokes in For Sale by Owner show exactly how the series doesn’t take itself too seriously while still retaining a great edge. It feels like they had to really make the happy stand out in this episode since, in the end, everyone felt the same way Luke did. SurrealEstate really took a turn from what I expected at the end of that episode, which is always a pleasant surprise as someone who seems to have a clairvoyant sense when it comes to TV shows, being surprised by a twist is something I enjoy.

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