The 3rd Annual Karma Cup

September 15, 2016, Toronto, ON – The Karma Cup, a two-day elite medical cannabis and hash competition, medical marijuana festival and industry trade show is set to take place for its third year in downtown Toronto, this October 22-23rd.

The 3rd annual Karma Cup is creating a festival space from scratch in over 2 acres that will include live music, DJ’s, glassblowing demonstrations, vendor and exhibit booths, a live art show creating cannabis-positive art, speakers’ stage, food vendors, awards ceremony, and an after-hours VIP Gala. Plus notable Canadian cannabis legends as surprise guests.

The 2015 Karma Cup judges received 100 samples from the following categories: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid Flowers, Edibles, Topicals, and Solventless Extracts. Last year’s event also added two glass categories, one for competing glass artists and the other for heady glass collectors. This year, judges will have three weeks to judge samples in fifteen categories – the most in Canada – including five bud categories, three shatter categories, budder, THC distillate, disposable vape pens, solventless, edibles, topicals, and functional glass.

Already known for running an above-and-beyond event, Sarah Sunday has promised to bring a production value never before seen in the Canadian cannabis scene. Judges and general admission passes will be made available to the public and no medical card is required for purchase.

General admission attendees won’t be disappointed: there will be a full medicating area on-site and plenty of live demos and performances. However, judges will still be treated to many perks including free entry to local vapor lounges, the after-hours VIP party and Gala dinner.

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