baked beans

Catch best friends Big Lach and Big Puffa playing Baked Beans! The rules are super easy- think of it like jellybean roulette. There are 10 different colours and 20 different flavours because each colour represents a great AND a disgusting flavour. It’s up to pure chance which one you get.

baked beans

You see that brown jellybean? If you’re lucky, you’ll be tasting a delicious chocolate pudding. If you’re not, it’ll be dog food.

Each contestant gets 3 chances to pass by taking a 1 gram dab(!) of Grape Kush, but think about it first before you pass on a questionable jellybean because that dab is so big, you need to make sure you don’t mix it up with the jellybeans!

baked beans
The 1 Gram Dab!

But the game offers some relief- if either Big Lach or Big Puffa get a particularly nasty bean, they can clean their palate with some Orange Tangie courtesy of Skunk and Panda Extracts.

The person who eats the least amount of beans has to add a grab bag full of them which is guaranteed to have a few bad apples, err, beans.

Would you risk eating a “spoiled milk” or “barf” flavoured jellybean? Do you want to see if Big Lach or Big Puffa are brave enough??

baked beans

Big Lach gets the first spin, starting it off nice and slow with what’s probably the easiest one- “Berry Blue” or “toothpaste”.

Next, Big Puffa spins “lawn clippings” or “lime”.  From “Tutti Fruity” or “Stinky Socks” to “Booger” or “Juicy Pear”, the rounds come fast and furious and you can tell from their faces immediately if someone got the wrong bean.

Full of palate-cleansing Orange Tangie and the boys trying to remember who’s spin is next, Baked Beans is a whole lot of fun with the suspense and game of chance where Big Lach and Big Puffa put their taste buds on the line for our entertainment that makes you ask yourself if you’d rather dodge a barf-flavoured jellybean bullet, or take a dab so huge you can barely function.

Does anybody back out? Who’s the ultimate winner?

Keep watching Baked Beans to find out!

baked beans