The Smoke Show Analyzes Licensed Producer Tweed’s “Brown”

Cannabis in Canada introduces the Smoke Show, following Budzilla operator Rejean Houle and activist Freddie Pritchard as they analyze LP grown marijuana for THC, CBD, pesticide and heavy metal content, along with their personal opinion on the product.

In this episode, Houel and Pritchard review “Brown” from licensed cannabis producer, Tweed.

Testing reveals that Brown, although advertised as having a THC content of 8.08 per cent and CBD content of 3.97 per cent, actually only has 5.9 per cent THC and 2.6 per cent CBD.

As reported by Cannabis in Canada, Houle is offering MMPR patients the chance to turn in their licensed producer cultivated medical cannabis for testing.

Houle is still looking for samples from patients, and is offering those that bring in at least a gram of licensed producer grown cannabis double that amount from Budzilla.

To qualify for the program, patients need to bring in their registration papers as well as the container the cannabis was shipped in, as proof.

For more information, visit Budzilla at 2267 Kingsway in Vancouver or their website.