Original photo by Cole Mus-Bogue

Self-sabotage is hard to avoid, especially if you’re a stoner. Considering how potent the weed is these days, its pretty understandable. Some stoners can only get baked after completing all of their tasks, while others need to get baked to function in the first place. One thing that is certain, a pot smoker’s productivity level is as individual as their preference. Still, today’s pot smoker must remain ever vigilant, getting creative to get ‘er done. With that in mind, here are some tips and tricks for stoners to save them time and energy.

Prep your stoner bug-out bag

stoner bug out bag
Original photo by Cole Mus-Bogue

Keep a separate bag of your bud and supplies, ready to go at all times. If cannabis is the medicine you depend on, this is essential. For everyone else, being prepared means having fewer issues. At the best of times, a packed supply will help avoid stress; at the worst, it may prove to be invaluable. But for the day to day, carry an extra stock of weed accessories in your wallet:

-For those times with no fire, keep a pack of matches in your zipped up change pocket. 

-Store a few loose rolling papers pressed between your plastic cards. 

Pre-roll your joints

It’s all about seizing the moment and rolling joints ahead of time helps make that possible. Life can surprise us and we need to be ready. When you suddenly notice there’s a beautiful sunset, it’s nice to be able to run outside and enjoy it with a pre-rolled joint

Pre rolled joints

The tips and tricks for stoners to identify their strains and keep the joints fresh-

  • To help you remember what bud you rolled up, roll your Sativa and CBD joints using papers made with light-coloured fibres, such as rice paper. Roll your Indica and hybrid joints using papers made with darker coloured fibres, such as hemp.
  • Store pre-rolled joints in mason jars in order to keep them fresh!


Your time is precious and it’s worth spending building relationships with those you love. But, if bonding is getting in the way of your success, think of some phrases that you can say to assert your boundaries in a positive way. Doing this ahead of time will take the emotions out of the moments when it pops up. Remember, your true friends and family want to see you live your best life, not get in the way of it. It’s up to us to teach others how to treat us and choosing your words ahead of time is being considerate. 

Here are some polite and simples sentences you can say to deflect your stoner buddies:

  • “I’m in the middle of something that I need to finish. But, I’ll gladly smoke a joint with you as soon as I am done.”
  • “I want to be able to get as stoned as possible so I got to finish my list. How about we plan to have a session in a couple of hours?”
  • “Thanks but no dude. I am baked enough already.”
  • “Dude, I’m sorry to stop you and I want to hear this story, but I have to get back to…”

Stoners take advantage of technology

These days the world has gotten so advanced and nobody can benefit quite like a pot smoker.

Stoners & Technology

-Use task organizing apps and list programs such as Airtable to help you keep track of your tasks and goals.

– choose a good spot for an important item and then tell Google home where you put it. If you forget in the future, just ask your Google home and it will tell you where to find it.

-Keep to-do and shopping list in your phone and use talk-to-text to quickly add to them. 

These above-mentioned tips for stoners can help them make full use of technology.

Write a victory list

Victory List
Original photo by Cole Mus-Bogue

Stuck in a rut and feel like nothing has been accomplished? Sometimes the only thing getting in the way of achieving our goals is our attitude. In the words of Henry Ford, if you think you can you’re right, if you think you can’t you’re right. Reframe your mind and change your day by writing a list of successes. You can include anything, big or small, but make it as long a list as possible. Did you make your bed this morning? Write it down. Have you drunk a decent amount of water? Put it on the list. When you’ve thought of everything, empower yourself by reading your list and recharge your batteries. 

Maintaining a bullet journal is a great tip for stoners to remain organized

Bullet journalling is a system that was created to help you organize all aspects of your life. It’s easy to keep track of everything going on in your world, thus, getting it out of your head. You can find a lot of different format options online but all use of them work with an index. So why would this be good for a stoner?

Stoner bullet journal
  • By being able to look back at uncompleted tasks, you can gain more perspective on how you prioritize your time.
  • The formatting for bullet journals allows for a lot of creativity, allowing you to include any type of list or activity. A stoner can easily keep track of is the strains they use, times and methods of ingestion, and the overall effects.

Set timers

Time flies when you’re having fun and even more so when you’re smoking good weed. If you know you are about to do something that has the potential to steal extra time, set a timer. When it goes off, you have an opportunity to reevaluate what you’re doing, and if it’s a priority. You can always add more time and keep on doing what you doing.


Hot tip for stoners – Use a timer when you want to stop what you’re doing so that you can go smoke some weed. Not only will it keep you sticking to your schedule, but it’s also invaluable when you’re blazing with a group. Saying goodbye to your stoner buddies can be hard to do at the best of times; after a session, it can take forever. Setting a timer will let everyone know that you are up to something, giving you the chance to make a quick exit.


These days, stoner stigmas are breaking down. Everywhere you look, people are getting baked and getting it done! When we avoid sabotaging ourselves, we stoners succeed… you just need to plan ahead and use a few tricks and tips.