I have a friend named George and he likes to party a lot. George takes drugs but he does it in a safe way. If you’re going to party this year, have a Happy Halloween and arrive alive. To help you in this endeavour, here are George’s tips for having a good trip… and a wordsearch to get the party started!

General Tips 

Regardless of what he’s up to, George is one of those guys that always seems to have it together. He says it’s not about being neurotic, it’s about pre-planning a few important details.

Music – Music is the key to avoiding bad trips so make sure that you prepare a playlist. Bring both headphones in case you need to vibe by yourself, and a small Bluetooth speaker if you have people with you.

Pre-rolls – If you’re tripping out on LSD or mushrooms, rolling a decent joint can be next to impossible; especially if you want to use a filter. Be prepared with pre-rolls

Bring your card, leave your cash – Avoid losing cash by leaving it at home. Almost everyone accepts interact these days and cards are easy to replace. If you’re going to trip out, don’t take the risk. 

Cab Tab – Instead of worrying about his ride home, George has an account set up with a cab company. No matter what, he knows that his ride home is paid for. Plus, he can also use it in an emergency. 

Tip for parents – If you are raising a teenager, sign them up for a cab account. That way, both you and your kid will know that they’ve always got that option as a safe ride home.


Have you ever tried cannabis edibles before? If you haven’t, Halloween is a decent time to give them a try. Regardless of your experience level, if you’re going to use edibles this Halloween, you need to be aware of a few things:

Start low and go slow – Make no mistake, edibles can pack quite a punch. THC goes a lot further when it’s ingested through the digestive system, as opposed to the lungs. 

Come down with CBD – If it gets to be too much and you want off the ride, ingest CBD to bring down the high. CBD and THC interact with the same receptors but they do it in different ways. This is something that you can use to your advantage.

Want more information? Click here for tips on using edibles for the first time.


When it comes to taking mushrooms, there are a couple of things you need to be concerned with; knowing your source and getting them down. 

Knowing your source – Just like cannabis, different strains of mushrooms can create different effects. Golden teachers can be mellow and relaxing, while those blue kabenzi mushrooms can cause a heavy visual trip. 

Getting them down – Some people love the taste of mushrooms but others can barely swallow them. If you’re not a huge fan, try mixing them into yogurt. It may sound strange but it makes it easy. 

LSD aka Acid

A lot of people think that LSD trips cannot be controlled but this is a misconception. LSD can be broken down into microdoses, which is a great way to introduce it into the system. Once you feel an effect, you can always take more. If you’re going to do acid this Halloween, here are some tips from George to make the experience extra smooth:

  • Wear layers – Some people sweat a lot when they’re on acid. Being able to take off a layer or add one is key for your comfort level.
  • Eat before – Eating on LSD is a really weird experience and the trips can last for over twelve hours. Make sure that you eat before you take anything. You might not feel like eating anything for a while. 

LSD Food Tip – Soup can be the one food that is easy and satisfying to eat when you’re tripping on LSD. If you get hungry, try heating up some soup. 

Get Your Drugs Tested

If you’re going to party with powdered drugs, there’s really only one way to be certain and safe; get them tested. Thankfully, this service is free and easy to access. Get Your Drugs Tested is a harm reduction center, located in Vancouver‘s downtown eastside. From 12:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m., you can drop in and provide a small sample for on-site drug testing. If you’re not in Vancouver, you can mail them a sample. The organization is not interested in who you are or where you’re from; they will simply test your sample and tell you what it is. Click here for more information or to get your drugs tested.

Regardless of what you’re up to this year, stay safe and have a Happy Halloween. Why not start off with some good clean fun? Nothing gets you ready to party like a wordsearch!

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