STUDIO710 Virtual Festival Recap

Last weekend, right in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Studio710 brought together local EDM and rising DJ’s to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the up and coming cultural hub. We had incredible performances by the likes of Seb C, Ketafere, Baba Mac, and more. Wanna watch Studio710 Virtual Festival Recap?

You can click the link here.

Setting up the tunes
Studio710 music station

This year’s Studio710 Festival was an incredible way to kick off the summer festival season in Vancouver. If you were there, you’re already looking forward to #Studio7102021, if you weren’t, here’s a Studio710 festival recap of what you missed:

People enjoying the fest
Top singers
Studio710 Festival a success
Live stream

While most viewers had their eyes glued to the live stream, there were plenty of other highlights to be found throughout the studio. The patio space in particular hosted a multitude of talented guests across all industries. Wize Spirit Vodka also brought out drinks for attendees to refuel, refresh, and recharge.

Enjoying music and sharing drinks at Studio710 festival

There was singing, there was dancing and there definitely were some drinks with Vancouver’s sunny weather collaborating with us to set an absolute vibe for space. Studio710 was certainly the spot to be at last Friday.

We want to thank everyone who tuned in and we can’t wait to keep the momentum of the space for the up and coming artists of the city!