Ricky Williams and Craig Ex and Cannabis Life Conference
Ricky Williams and Craig Ex

Cannabis Life Conference Toronto 2017 HIGH-lights

Check out Craig Ex of Expert Joints at Toronto’s Cannabis Life Conference during a beautiful weekend at the Evergreen Brick Works!

Put on by Cambridge House International, the Cannabis Life Conference was a jam-packed two days full of flowers, edibles, and education with many new and familiar faces. 

Watch as Craig sees what Cody Lindsay, aka the Wellness Soldier, is stirring up in his new cookbook before heading over to the 613 Genetics table to appreciate some of their amazing greenery and delicious edibles, including lollipops guaranteed to make you LOL.

Later Craig says hi to Laura and Sarah from MMJ Canada which grew from Vancouver to Ontario, where it now has 4 stores! Talk about a growth industry, eh.

Next it was time to smile for the flashing cameras at the Weedmaps photobooth that let you share your pics online and put the Cannabis Life Conference on the map.

Chad Jackett, from Cannabis Growers of Canada, was having an awesome time and hopes the government will finally get off the cannabis industry’s back. We feel you on that, Chad, and we’re hoping 2018 brings a new direction.

After learning the date of 2017’s Karma Cup (it’s set for Sept 9-10!), Craig bumps into Randy Bobandy, the world famous Assistant Trailer Park Manager from the cult favourite TV show, Trailer Park Boys, who promptly tells Craig to “Frick off!”

Craig also asks featured speaker and retired NFL Running Back Ricky Williams about the post-football life, and his answer might surprise you.

Also featuring Sarah Hanlon (from Big Brother Canada’s Season 3 winner), tweedledoob, Flowers and Freedom, and so much more, this video is one you won’t want to miss whether you’re canna curious or a chronnoisseur.