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Chronic Cooking gets Saucy with Chimichurri and Horseradish Cream Sauces

In the latest episode of Chronic Cooking, Craig Ex helps Chef Cody Lindsay in the kitchen with new cannabis-infused creations fresh from Chef Cody’s cookbook. We’ve done wake and bake breakfasts and healthy green salads but one thing Chronic Cooking hasn’t done yet is meat sauces- until now!

Watch and find out from Chef Cody why you shouldn’t marinate your steak in cannabis oils and throw it on the grill- you’re better off whipping up some delicious sauces instead, and we’ve got the recipes for Chef Cody’s own Chimichurri and Horseradish cream sauces.

Chimichurri is a popular sauce from Argentina and Uruguay, which comes in two colours: red and green. Fittingly, Chef Cody and Craig make the green, or verde, version that’s packed with parsley, cilantro, and oregano.

Horseradish and steak are another classic pair and with Chef Cody’s cannabis-infused Horseradish Cream sauce, you can get a spicy kick with your cannabis buzz. After chopping some chives and adding 15 mL of Smiling Buddha infused cannabis oil, it’s time to emulsify and whip up that sauce real good- but please only add as much cannabis oil and horseradish as you can handle!

Then it’s time to grill up some steak and chicken, and not a moment too soon. Looks like Chef Cody and Craig Ex finished just as the munchies kicked in.