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Crop King Seeds: Supporting the Cannabis Community

One of the country’s top suppliers of cannabis seeds, Crop King Seeds, is supporting the cannabis industry to make sure that consumers have a choice.

Marketing manager Dion Drakes said the company is focused on getting seeds into the hands of home growers and those that want control over the type of medicine that goes into their system.

“We’re big proponents of advocating for the community, because a lot of customers aren’t happy with the quality of what other sources are putting out there,” Drakes said, from his office in Vancouver’s Dominion building.

Crop King has supported court cases, community initiatives and events, part of the company’s desire to be on the side of the cannabis community, with contributions “easily” beyond $1 million.

“We don’t get tax write-offs for things like that,” Drakes laughed. “There’s no marijuana related charities.

“We definitely try to do our part to be on the side of choice.”

One of the groups Crop King contributes to is the Cannabis Growers of Canada. Drakes said the benefit of advocacy groups like the CGC is that they can focus on getting the political message heard while business operators focus on what they know best, running their business.

“To anyone that’s on the outside looking in, [the cannabis community] might seem really small, but it’s actually a very big community it’s just really small groups that are scattered all about,” Drakes said. “Sometimes, when you’re spread out, you don’t really have access to those people who can actually fit for what it is that you need.”

Drakes said, as the government moves forward with legalization and regulations, it’s important to the community to come together, with one voice.

“If you look at the news, for a large part, we’re being excluded from the process of this proposed legalization. which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense,” he said. “They are essentially the community, but you’re excluding them from the discussion of how to go about legalization — it’s not very fair.”

Drakes said Crop King’s founder is particular with what groups the organization is associated with.

“[Cannabis Growers of Canada] are not out for personal gain, they’re really just fighting for quality and we want to be a part of that,” he said. “We want to solidify us as the company that’s working with advocates to try and get people access.”

While Drakes said he expects Crop King to continue to exist, regardless of what the Liberal government decides to put forward in terms of regulation, he’s still hoping the process is open and inclusive.

“We can only wait and see what the government comes up with and then, hopefully, it’s something that the majority of the community agrees with and hopefully they’ll be fair about how they plan on implementing things,“ Drakes said. “If not, those involved in the community will speak out.”

Drakes said Crop King is currently working on updating its website and looking at expansion into the U.S. market and then, potentially, Mexico, but is focused on improving and serving Canadians.

“At the end of the day, we’re a for profit business and our goal is to get our seeds into the hands of as many growers as possible but, with that, we want to make sure that we do things a little bit different than we see our competitors doing.”

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