Glenn Price Reopens Dispensary but Isn’t Selling Cannabis

A week after being raided by police and hauled off to jail, the owner of Your Medical Cannabis Headquarters has re-opened his doors. Glenn Price, the owner of the dispensary, was raided and charged with several federal offenses last week.

Price has reopened his doors in a bid to educate people about medical cannabis. He says he won’t be selling cannabis, but people are still free to medicate in his store.

Price is scheduled to appear in court on August 20. Despite being a medical patient, part of his bail conditions were that he could not smoke nor have any medicine on his person.

Winnipeg police stated that it’s illegal to sell medical cannabis unless you are a licensed producer with the proper documentation from Health Canada, otherwise it’s treated as a street drug, like crack or heroin.

Price has said he only provides the product to people with appropriate medical documentation and said he’s helped hundreds of people since opening on July 1.

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