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The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary’s 10th Anniversary Party

Check out the pics from The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary‘s 10th anniversary party on Sept. 3 at Strathcona Park taken by Craig from Weedography.

As you can see from the pictures, it was a great day full of fun, community and cannabis as patients, advocates, staff, and supporters relaxed in the sun, listened to live music, and enjoyed some fresh corn on the cob along with the delicious munchies from the food trucks.

In addition to Dana Larsen and Dori Dempster, the people who started The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary, there were well-known local cannabis advocates and personalities like Craig Ex (aka The Expert of Expert Joints) and Neil Magnuson from the Cannabis Substitution Project.

Click the link for the exclusive interview with Dori Dempster, the executive director of The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary, here. It’s a wide-ranging interview where Dori talks about all the changes she’s seen in the past 10 years, how legalization will affect the work they do at The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary, what it was like being Vancouver‘s third dispensary ever when they opened back in 2008, and why she thinks medical cannabis and patients are getting left behind in all the hype and excitement around legalization.

Can’t wait for The Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary get-together next year!


Photography by Craig Weedography

Written by Mike O.