MacGyver – 8 Creative Bowls

When it comes to blazing on something amazing, stoners can be quite creative when they don’t have a paper or a bowl. There are many different inventive ways in which you can consume those leafy green nugs you love. You may or may not remember an 80s TV show called MacGyver. MacGyver gave the birth name to virtually any stoner who could create a bowl with some random parts. Friends would ask them to MacGyver a bowl to smoke out of just for fun. Here are some of the wild bowls I’ve personally macgyvered over the years myself.

1. Coconut Bowl


This is a classic party bowl. It can be turned into a dab rig these days even easier than it is to use as a bong.

Here’s what you do.

There are three circular indentations at the top of a coconut. To make a bong you will want to hollow out these three areas. A screwdriver or knife can be used to whittle out these holes if you don’t have a drill. Once your holes have been made you will need some silicone straws and a bowl or banger. Simply push the silicone straws down into one of the holes to create a stem for your bowl or banger.

Put another silicone straw and another hole inserting just the tip. Use the third hole as a carburetor. Your coconut bowl, bong, or rig is now ready to roll. Try making two of these for parties and walk around singing I have a lovely bunch of coconuts and let us know the reactions!

2. Banana Bowl

cannabis banana bowl

The banana bowl is for a skilled consumer that finds themselves in a pinch. You’ll have to make sure your banana is not too squishy. Green or under-ripe bananas work the best.

Use a pen or other similar object to poke a hole from the tip of the banana three-quarters of the way through it. Try to make your hole centered. Find the top of the banana where your hole would roughly stop and poke through it to connect the two holes.

A little in and out of the PIN to work the whole and open it up will allow for smooth flow. Pack in a little weed to the top, fire that bad boy up and you’re good to go. A banana bowl is only good for one sesh though.

3. Apple Bowl

cannabis apple bowl

An apple a day will keep the doctor away especially if that apple is packed full of therapeutic cannabinoids. Creating an apple bowl is really easy. All you need is a writing pen or other similar object to poke a hole and of course, an apple.

Poke one hole at an angle going into the center of the apple and then another one on the opposite side connecting the two. You can then put a little bit of weed into one in and light it right up or fashion you an aluminum foil bowl attachment or add a piece of an old bowl you might have laying around.

4. Pear Bowl

cannabis pear bowl

The Pear Bowl is just like the Apple Bowl only with a slightly better shape for function. Placing a small hole going towards the center of the pear towards the bottom and then another hole starting from the top of the pair connecting down the middle to the bottom hole will create an almost saxophone shaped pipe. Simply pack a little bit of weed in and you’re good to go or attach a bowl.

5. Strawberry Bowl

cannabis strawberry bowl

A strawberry bowl is a good one time use quick fix in a pinch. Simply grab a big luscious strawberry and poke a hole in the fat end. Be sure to only poke the hole about halfway through. Take the tip of the strawberry and poke a hole through it connecting to the first hole. Pack a little bit of weed in the first hole and hit from the tip and you have a strawberry bowl.

6. Starburst Bowl

A starburst bowl is one sweet treat. All you need is a package of Starbursts and a pen or pencil. Simply form the starburst around your pen or pencil until it makes a cylinder. Bend on one end and you have a bowl. You can even get creative with these and make square bowls. Your imagination is the only thing that limits you in sculpting a sweet functional bowl to blaze out of using Starbursts.

7. Rolo or Hershey Kiss Bowl

Chocolate drops in rows with only a few rows in focus on a white background

Smoking out of aluminum foil isn’t the best idea but it will get you by in a pinch. Should you find yourself without any other way to smoke but happen to have a handful of Hershey Kisses or Rolo candies nearby you might just be in luck. The little foil wrappers that go around these delicious sweet treats can be used to fashion a functionable one-time-use bowl. Simply roll the aluminum wrappers around a pencil or pen giving one end a slight bend and you have a bowl.

8. Kazoo Dab Rig


The kazoo dab rig really saved my arse when I was in a pinch. Let’s just say my dab rig broke and I was not in an area where I had access to get one for days. Nothing’s worse than having dabs and not having a way to dab. My banger stayed intact so I used a little creative stoner ingenuity and made myself a rig. My temporary rig was made using a kid’s kazoo combined with my banger. I simply popped out the top part of the kazoo and replaced it with my banger. My kazoo banger managed to get me by for a few days until I was able to score a new rig to blaze.

Get Creative!

These are just a handful of the MacGyver methods of creating bowls and rigs to smoke weed out of and dab out of that I’ve experienced. Granted most of my experience was with flower or good old-fashioned bud as we called it up until recently.

It took a while for me to warm up to dabs but once I did, I fell in love. Now a delicate combination of concentrates, flower, vapes, and edibles help to keep me balanced and on point like a well-put-together joint. As you may well know when it comes to our culture and community sharing is caring. With the spirit of sharing in mind, I would love it if you would share your creative ideas for weed pipes or dab rigs with us in the comments below or on social media.

Article courtesy CannaLance (, @cannalancence). It previously appeared on Expert Joints.