Spray paint and art at Studio710

Local rapper and graffiti artist Creed Taylor swung by Studio710 to do some original artwork on the big wall outside its famous green door.

It was all captured on a time-lapse video which gives you a chance to catch a few quick graffiti tricks if you were ever interested in the process. 

Studio710 logo

Creed told CLN he had fun doing it, and went on to say how he “wanted to replicate something similar to the Studio710 logo”. Since he knew he was going to be free-handing it, he used painter’s tape to get the general letter placement on the wall before filling it all in as you can see in the time-lapse.

The original Studio710 logo.

But it took a bit of creativity as Studio710’s logo is circular, and Creed had to create a more linear version to better fit the shape of the wall, and one of his biggest focuses was “to give the people coming up the stairs something visually appealing”.

The whole process took 4-6 hours over the span of a few days.

Providing the visuals and music

Did you know that Creed also did the music in the video, too? He does more than just graffiti, he raps, too, which means he’s got at least 2 of the classic elements of hiphop down pat. I wonder if he can breakdance and DJ as well?

He’s also a part of the local rap group The People Northwest, which describe themselves on their website as “a Vancouver-based group looking to raise the bar for Canadian hip hop”.

Their song, “Good Looking,” was a great match for the video with its chill vibes. Creed explained how the song came about, saying:

“It was originally a demo structured by my good friend Evan, one of the original members of the band, and we pretty much took it into the studio and played with it.

I don’t have as big of a vocal feature on it as some of the other members but it’s a cool, uplifting and fun song about chilling with your friends and having a fun time”.

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