7 McDonalds orders every stoner has made

7 McDonald’s orders every hungry stoner should make

When you have a craving for some delicious fast foods, McDonald’s is a popular go-to. Here are 7 McDonald’s orders every hungry stoner should make. Dive into this list classics and featured insider tips.

1. 20 Box McNuggets

McDonald's Mcnuggets
Photo by: McDonald’s

Every hungry stoner loves some delicious, crisped to perfection, golden-brown chicken McNuggets. If you are munching, a 10 piece order simply won’t do! They will be gone far too quickly. Which is why we recommend making a realistic order of a 20 box. Don’t forget to ask for extra dipping sauce because you may have the pasties!

2. Mcdonald’s Fries and a McFlurry

Photo by: Gallions Reach

Okay, so this is something almost every stoner has ordered from McDonald’s. If you haven’t, are you really a stoner? Stoners come up with some crazy food combinations when they’re hungry and munching. This one really clicks! The sweet and salty combination here is perfect!

3. Breakfast all day!

McDonald's breakfast
Photo by: Nick Solares

How many times have you been hungry, stoned, and had a craving for breakfast? Only to realize it was well past 11:00 am… Luckily McDonald’s extended their breakfast availability so you can enjoy your bacon and eggs in the afternoon (or evening) too! Most locations offer an all-day breakfast of select items.

4. McCrepe

Photo by: Caspers Company

The McCrepe is an insider hack. If you’re feeling breakfast, but you want a little more, we suggest ordering the McDonald’s hotcakes with a fruity yogurt parfait. All you have to do is spread some of the parfaits over half of a hotcake, fold it, cover in syrup, and enjoy.

5. McChipwich

Photo by: The Daily Meal

Have you ever ordered a McFlurry and 2 cookies, then made them into a delicious ice cream sandwich? This creative DIY was shared on twitter by @nxthvniel back in 2017. Maybe this is a new one for some of you, but trust us… this will satisfy your dessert cravings!

6. McDouble like a Mac

Photo by: Hack the Menu

Funny enough this is also known as the “Poor Man’s Big Mac.” It is a McDouble with the Big Mac sauce and extra lettuce. You likely won’t miss the Big Mac’s third bun and end up saving a few bucks! So if you are really hungry, you can order two for about the same price as an ordinary Big Mac.

Did you know… You can get any burger at McDonald’s made “like a Mac” so that you can enjoy your favorite burger with the additional deliciousness found in a Big Mac!

Lastly, if you are really munching, this last McDonald’s order is something only a really hungry stoner would make…

7. McDonald’s Land, Sea and Air Burger

McDonald's  Burger
Photo by: The Cultured Pig

This is a wild combination of a Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, and McChicken. You will have to order all three, then stack ’em up yourself (Buns optional).

Are we missing any key insider McDonald’s hacks? Let us know in the comments!

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