studio 710
Studio 710 tour with Craig Ex.

Craig Ex gives City TV the Studio 710 Tour

Check out Craig Ex aka The Expert of Expert Joints giving Ashley (@AshleyBurr_) from City TV a tour of Studio 710, a hotbed of premier cannabis content in downtown Vancouver and the headquarters of Cannabis Life Network and JadeMaple.

As soon as you step through the door, Craig’s dog Parker comes to greet you as Ashley follows Craig to the green room

Craig tells Ashley about how Expert Joints all started with a well-put together video tutorial about rolling a joint– with better production values and proper instructions- or as Craig calls it:

“The best ‘how to roll a  joint’ video”.

He says after uploading the video, it got a million views, and all that attention got people calling him for collaborations, and a cannabis media empire was born.

Now, Craig hosts Expert Joints LIVE!, a weekly talkshow every Thursday at 4:20 PM, sharing the culture while breaking down stigmas and stereotypes live from Studio 710.

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