Expert Joints LIVE! – Season 4 Finale – That’s A Wrap

Check out Craig Ex’s epic wrap-up to Expert Joints LIVE! season 4 in the gallery below, featuring an exclusive performance from the famous Pot Comic himself, Mike Rita.

It marked the 180th episode for host Craig Ex aka The Expert of Expert Joints, and it was a great way to end the season on a high note with a bunch of past guests and friends hanging out and laughing to a hilarious jokester on the rooftop patio at Studio 710, in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

Now that season 4 is done, Craig Ex said he was excited to start producing more short-form content. That means more local interviews, more “out and abouts” in the city, and more community.

It was a good time to reflect not only on how far Expert Joints has come, but where it will go in the future, and CLN caught up with Craig as he chilled out after an amazing show. Surprisingly, he wasn’t even focused on himself because as much support that Craig Ex has built over the years, he’s always been about giving it back just as much and shining the spotlight on other deserving people.

As he said:

I’m a big believer in supporting local talent. There are some amazing people here that just need a little more shine and more opportunity for people to get to know them.

Between my Fridazed show on Save on Meats Radio, Expert Joints LIVE!, and any of the projects I’ve done- anytime that I can bring attention to people doing great things is a bonus for me.

A quick scroll through his YouTube channel proves that Craig Ex walks the walk.

Craig Ex is also a producer at Studio 710, and he talked about how his hard work with the talented crew helped bring his show to the next level, and how Studio 710 can help all kinds of creators and creatives, saying:

“Studio 710 is a great place for content creators of all walks- not just the cannabis community- to come and record their work, and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

From the downtown Vancouver location to the outdoor patio- not to mention it’s 100% cannabis-friendly- there aren’t many places in the country that can do what Craig Ex and the people at Studio 710 can do.

If you scroll through the gallery, you’ll begin to see why.

Images courtesy of JadeMaple photographer Craig B.